Saturday, November 11, 2006

What I learnt today

When you have a birthday party for 3-year-olds, musical chairs won't cut it. There's too much confusion (like walking in different directions) and when a kid doesn't get a chair, tears follow.

Question: Why was I at a party for 3-year-olds?
Answer: It was my host's son's birthday.

More questions: Host? What?

The university has a programme for interested international students where they match us up with alumni who live in the area. I was lucky to be picked for this and got matched to a Malaysian lady who lives in the area. She took an MPhil a few years ago and married and settled here. She plays host to me and a Japanese girl. There isn't any hard and fast rules to the programme I believe, it's really up to the host to make plans. So she invited us to her son's party and then lunch at her home in a couple of weeks.

An hour in a room with some 20 young ones jumping in an inflatable castle, running around and yelling was about all I could take. I walked out into the fading light of the afternoon a little dazed.

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