Tuesday, July 15, 2008

notes from the underground

You know, when they first announced the MRT extension to Farrer and Adam Road-ish areas, I thought, why don't they just extend that to Bukit Timah?

But today, on reading the news of the Bukit Timah MRT line, the MRT stop within walking distance from the house, I wondered, why they can't just leave us alone! Sure, convenience, property prices might increase and all that. But 6 years of dust, noise, likely traffic diversions, and lotsa lotsa digging? Can't I say, No? I think the part of Bukit Timah I'm in is well served by buses. I get to Orchard Road in 20 minutes. It does take me a while to get to Clementi, but it's not a stretch. Plus, does an MRT line mean the removal of buses? Cos if comparing the actual rides, I'd rather a bus, where there's one way in, another way out, than the MRT where people push and block and just piss me off. I'd rather a bus, where I can watch the view, than those ridiculous ads that flash from the tunnel.

And yet, while I write this, I remember that it will take 6 years. The work will only begin in the middle of next year, or so they say. Where will I be next year? Not here.


Anonymous said...

lol.. yeah u won't be there!
i hope i won't be there either!!
gd lucks
yr sis

Anonymous said...

heh heh ;)
but yes i felt sad for bukit timah when i read it.
we need less noise in our lives!