Friday, July 04, 2008

Maybe later

July's reading hasn't started out well.

Finally picked up DBC Pierre's Vernon God Little, but put it away quite quickly, although I'm not sure whether I'll ever pick it up again. Yeah I know it won the Booker, it's one of those dark comedy books, but eh, it's not for me.

A bit of a snoozer is The Moviergoer by Walker Percy. Also a book prize winner (National Book Award), also giving me trouble. At first I thought it's because I'm reading it when I'm sleepy (ie just before going to sleep), but then I realised, it's actually the book that's making me sleepy.

I'm in the mood for some fluff.

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Anonymous said...

My favourite fluff reading are the mags - Vanity Fair and Gourmet in particular.

But if you're looking for books, a recent good one that I read is Julian Barnes' A Pedant in the Kitchen. Reckon you'd enjoy it too!