Friday, December 26, 2003

a la piscine

what good my spanish classes have done me! i could only think of the word for swimming pool in French. but since these two languages are somewhat similar i guess i'm on the right track....

anyway it was a nice hot day, as i was hoping it would be! and so i mosied on down to the buona vista pool (after first getting stuck in traffice at farrer road) and had a nice bit of a swim.

until that is, this whole group of guys came along.

and when i saw a group i meant like a troop. a horde. of ... i dunno ... ns guys?

and they just took up one whole section at the end. meaning that i couldn't swim a proper lap. so i decided to heck with it and swam the breadth instead.

but swimming the breadth really doesn't feel like exercising really....

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