Monday, December 19, 2005

merry merry

Oh I forgot to blog about these:

My gingerbread cookies.

They took me about 2 hours to make on Saturday and I think I managed to churn out about 250 of them (some are mini ones, thanks to the set of mini Christmas cookie cutters Dad brought back from the shop for me)

I usually help my mum out when she does these but this year, the backbreaking work was all mine. So don't mind if I blow my own horn a little.

I was inclined to ice them up real nice, but figured that I would first need to leave in a country which doesn't have the sun beating down on its citizens in December - sekali the icing melt, then instead of a happy face, you'd just get a blob in the middle of the head. I already traumatised Annabel with a decapitated person, so a disfigured one might just give someone a heart attack.

So meet
Suicide Jim
Suicide Sally

and their jolly good time Christmas accessories.

Oh and this is their illegitimate kid known as Boy. (as in, eh Boy, stop sticking your head in the effing bell!)

Most of the time, Suicide Jim and Suicide Sally aren't on good terms, but sometimes, they are.

Suicide Jim and Suicide Sally and the rest of cookie cutter world are available for a nibble.

Oh and here's a little Christmas tune, from the lovely lads of Boy Least Likely To Little Donkey


Anonymous said...

they're so cute! :)

RealLifeReading said...

heh thanks. unfortunately the lighting's crap.

Anonymous said...

They were yummy. And sucidal though they may be, I refuse to bite their heads off first. Off with the... feet!

Anonymous said...

suicide jim is adorable, bit short in the leg but perhaps that caused him to uh teeter over the edge haha! how about some icing? you're quite the baker - i can't bake for nuts, it's too precise and i'm slapdash.


huckerby said...

i want gingerbread men!!!

Anonymous said...

i have none left. none. ok, so just one left. neatly packed away in my bag for that rainy day. it's the christmas tree one cause it's the biggest and may sustain me the longest. i may have to write a haiku about these. soon as i figure out what a haiku is. happy holidays, buddy. and thanks for remembering annabel.

Anonymous said...

soooo cute! :D your gingerbread got family issues one, i likes. hahaha.

Dawn said...

hee hee hee very cute! too bad i couldn't have a taste of them!

RealLifeReading said...

i should've baked some more! all run out already...