Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I've been tagged....

Here goes: 24 random facts

1. I went to three kindergartens - Nanyang, Maris Stella, PAP.

2. PAP kindergarten sucked - it wasn't any fun at all. (ok so this really isnt a fact about me)

3. I've never lived in a HDB flat. I've lived in a semi-d for about 20 years and before that at Farrer Court, which is HUDC.

4. My hair is now longer than it's ever been before.

5. I was a prefect in primary school.

6. My Sec 1 teacher wanted to make me a student leader but I said no thanks.

7. I am blogging this at work, like I write most of my blog posts.

8. I used to watch the X men cartoon series on TV. I loved Gambit and thought Jubilee had the stupidest powers.

9. I can't seem to get by without eating supper these days. I'm always hungry when I get home after work.

10. Supper's the best time to eat cereals - I just can't eat them when it's daylight anymore.

11. I have 247 feeds in my bloglines blogroll. Yeah I have plenty of free time.

12. I have plenty of free time.

13. I am turning 27 in a couple of months. Yikes.

14. I was put on four blind dates over the past year.

15. Blind date number four is now making me very happy.

16. It was a set-up by DSD and Monoceros.

17. I just had a new passport made as mine's expiring in December. Now immigration officers don't have to keep telling me: "it's time to get a new passport".

18. I got an A2 for AO Chinese and a distinction for orals. But the other day I couldn't remember the word for carrot when ordering a fruit juice.

19. I don't eat durian.

20. I also don't eat lychees, longans and rambutans - I'm not really fond of the way they taste, plus there's also the fact that each fruit has to be individually opened.

21. Yet I just can never get enough of mangosteens.

22. I haven't driven a manual car since I passed my driving test some eight years ago. I don't think I can remember how to.

23. I took ice skating lessons as a kid.

24. I'm making some pretty big changes pretty soon. It kinda freaks me out and yet I'm also totally looking forward to it.

Man that was a tough one.


Biao said...

What are you talking about? That was so much fun. Now I can point at you and laugh for being a weirdo that eats mangosteen and not all that other stuff.

RealLifeReading said...


Anonymous said...

can i borrow some of that free time you have at work?

Anonymous said...

aw shucks, i had fun at blind date 4 too ;-). good luck on the big changes, buddy. and, how do you say 'wascawwy wabbit' in chinese?

lol said...

hey, I loved Gambit too...Always felt sad for him and rogue...haha...

uraraa said...

oh yeah.. a prefect in primary school? hehhs..totally forgot abt tt.. :P