Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Can't resist

Tuesday dinner was full of artery-clogging, carcinogenic, utterly bad for you but just oh-so-good, food at Aburiya (Yes, again) at Holland Village.

Eps was out sick so it was down to J and I to plough into the menu. We decided to skimp on the carbs and attack the meats. It is all about BBQ after all.

So the two of us went for:

Beef tongue with leeks
Pork cheek (shio - just done with salt and pepper)
Lamb loin (tare - a sweet marinade)
Assorted veg like mushrooms, leeks, capsicum and onions
Foie gras
Scallops with butter-yaki
Onigiri (two rice balls for grilling)

We wanted a second helping of that delicious foie gras but it was sold out! Too bad...

I also had the shochu grapefruit. They stressed in the description that it's fresh grapefruit but we were to learn just how fresh it really is - the waiter brought over the shochu and soda water in a tall glass. And then half of a grapefruit. He proceeds to juice the grapefruit right in front of us. Pouring that lovely pinkish juice and pulp into the glass after. Bravo! Definitely recommended although could do with a bit less soda water and more alcohol.

It was a bit of klutzy day for Aburiya, with one diner knocking over her drink (luckily the glass didnt break) and then one of the waiter drops the pot of charcoal, right next to us. Suddenly our feet felt rather warm. The charcoal didnt get anywhere near us though, but the manager offered some vanilla ice-cream as an apology. We gladly accepted. That along with the hot barley tea filled me right up to the brim.

But J wanted to wander around and see if there were any other dessert options so we stumbled into Gelare, where I was mildly tempted by the smell of the waffles (ok so it was more by the 1/2price Tuesday special). She gets a soy chocolate something or other (definitely not something I'd get, as the words "soy" and "chocolate" don't belong together) but it does look rather chocolatey. It is instead, after I have a taste, really sweet.

Gelare makes me feel old. The main customer base at the HV outlet seems to be uni kids. The table next to us were playing card games!

There wasn't enough shochu to numb that.

17E Lorong Liput
Tel : 6464 6536

(I have the suspicious feeling that I will be back again soon. And yet there's also this naggy voice in my head that's going on about detox and exercise. But then there's that box of Neuhaus chocolates that's still in the fridge. And now that glossy piece of paper with the pictures and descriptions seem to have disappeared so I can only take a stab in the dark when choosing from the last few less desirable chocolates in the box. I picked one, only to bite into a sweet strawberry filling. To make up for that, I picked another, which was definitely more my style - a less sweet, chocolate filling. So I ended up eating two pieces. One a mistake, the other to soothe the mistake.)

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