Monday, January 09, 2006

It was a cold and wet January day

My sleep cycle's screwed.
I was settling down for a nice sleep at about 2am. But couldn't sleep until 45 minutes or so later. And I woke up from a strange dream about travelling in Seattle (and visiting a bookstore) at about 730. I could hear the traffic outside, full of people just dying to get to work. So I lay back in bed, shut my eyes and tried to think of something sleepy, like waves crashing onto a beach. It didn't work. Maybe the waves were crashing too loudly. Whatever it was, I was still stark raving awake. Yet I could feel the tiredness in my eyes - they were calling out for more rest. But I'm not the type who falls asleep easily (although I've surprised myself several times there) and am not very good at doing nothing. So instead, I get up and go check something online which was bugging me (and probably the cause of my not being able to sleep).

At any rate, K was supposed to have lunch with me. Which never materialised, that ass.

So got an email from eps who got a last-minute half day and off we went to Marmalade Pantry, although I had to wait for her, starving, for about 1/2 hour.
We shared the beef and barley soup - a nice hearty soup for a cold and wet January day.
It was a little thinner than I'd like though.
However, I did appreciate that the soup was divided into two bowls and both bowls were supplied with a slice of bread on the side. It's the little things that matter!

I finally tried their Ultimate Burger which I wouldn't call Ultimate but had a rather lovely thick and juicy patty, with hardly any gristly meat at all. However, I always think burgers do better with a bit of bacon in them. So the taste could've been kicked up a notch - as well as the likely heartburn.

I also had a taste of the portobello mushroom and asparagus risotto with lemon zest which was quite the winner.
Unlike other risottos, it was not heavy as the lemon zest seemed to cut through the cream. And the rice grains were cooked just right. Wouldn't mind taking this on myself next time. eps was raring to go for dessert after and even ate some of my fries so I suppose it was a doable portion.

I hemmed and hawed over the dessert menu. Nothing called out to me. Mostly cos I was just too full from the burger.

And I decided to save $3 and have a coffee back at the office's Spins instead.

But as we sat and waited for the bill, I watched as the table of five slightly scraggy yet very walking-the-straight-road, probably MICA types who are trying to look like creative types ordered the same chocolate cake and coffee/tea. I'd never seen five people at the same table order the exact same cake before. And this is hardly a cake that can be easily polished off. It looked very chocolately and was a hefty slice. It looked like something you'd balance out with a fruit tart or a crumble - something less jelat. I couldn't help but watch, out of the corner of my eye, fascinated by this motley crew.

Outside, the rain had slowed to a drizzle.
So full stomach, cold day, no work in yet for the past two hours.
Of course I had to get a small Americano - which I believe, is essentially a long black.

(Other facts about coffee including: "An Americano is a single shot of espresso with 6 to 8 ounces of hot water added. This term was originally devised as a sort of insult to Americans who wanted their espresso diluted" can be found here.)

On a non-caffeine note, hit Extra Tasty to find out what drinks you can make with all them bottles of booze you have in your bar (or like me, hiden in your bookshelf, or under your desk, or if you're Karen Walker, in your handbag)

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Dawn said...

marmalade pantry divided the soup for me too! with that extra slice of bread. v thoughtful indeed :)