Saturday, July 22, 2006

hello world!

And this is my second post written on the new Macbook. ok so the first proper post, as the previous one was really more of a cutpaste job.

So I'm now first and foremost, a laptop owner (no more sharing of the PC for me!) and second but equally importantly, a mac owner!

Thrilled! And some great people bought me an excellent Manhattan Portage bag for carrying it in. Thanks!

Oh and those great people (and a few more) joined in a Teochew food feast at Guan Hin at Whampoa West.

There was:
- suckling pig! *crisp and er...succulent*
- two cold crabs *always the best way to eat crabs and these had plenty of creamy roe too*
- kong bah pau *kong bah pau always completes a good feast!*
- braised goose meat with tofu
- some er...deepfried prawn and meat balls? *well whatever it is, it's good, esp with the sweet sauce*
- orh lauh or oyster omelette *fluffy eggs with a good serving of oysters*
- cereal prawns *way too little cereal, the coating was more eggy batter than cereal*

Think that's it! They however close at 10pm so we decided to cancel our orh nee and head out to town to make a failed attempt at watching a movie at The Cathay, ending up at Coffee Club instead.

Guan Hin Teochew Restaurant
#01-01, Block 34 Whampoa West


aberwyn said...

the black or the white one? was thinking of upgrading my ibook to macbook but was quite disappointed by the graphics chip, not good enuff for my gaming needs.

oh, grab a copy of Open Office here( if you dont feel like paying MS. :)

huckerby said...

or you can just, err, drop me a line if you need it. :X

welcome to the club!

Anonymous said...


Dun it feel great to escape the dark side? I've been a MacHead for years and the MacBook is the best laptop Apple's released. Great bang for the buck.

I've got a white 2.0 ghz MacBook, moved up from a 3.5 year old PowerBook Al 12". No regrets!