Tuesday, July 18, 2006

now that's more like it

I've made the downstairs couch my semi-permanent lounge area. The remote controls for the TV, cable and DVD are within easy reach. The pot of tea sits on the coffee table. A magazine and a book are on standby in case the TV gets boring. But then that's what remotes are for.

And that's what it's been like the past couple of days. Ok I have a somewhat legitimate excuse for lazing around - I'm still sick. I hit up the doctor for some cough medicine today, after reaching the clinic bright and early at 830 (I was not even the first in line) to get a basic health screening done. (I know I should've done it when still Employed, but I was so not ready to do an early morning visit to the office at that time)

So in two days I'll find out. My knees are knocking with trepidation, that is, when they can be bothered to move from their slackerly comfortable position up on the sofa.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I didn't realize you were still under the weather. Let me know if you're not up to lunch on Thursday; it's no problem. I can bring the laptop to your place. Hope you're better soon though!


F¡яєвџяN said...

Thanks for sending me the mp3...really appreciated it..:) read your entry, u r sick or something? hope you get well soon!! cheers