Wednesday, July 05, 2006


My last night at work.

I had a grin on my face the whole day, especially when friends asked: So how are you feeling on your last day?

There was a tinge of sadness felt, surprisingly, when I spoke to my former boss (my current boss is out sick, but I'm not sure if I'd have felt that tinge if I had spoken with him), who said many nice things.

The current colleagues had arranged a little goodbye thingy with a chocolate cake, some curry puffs, and I'd made a brownie using Bill Granger's recipe (I am so making that my official brownie recipe).

Of course I had to give that awkward goodbye speech, keeping it as short as possible. Then I said goodbye to more former bosses and supes.

Then I got down to work.

I suppose most other people's last days are different - long lunches, long chitchats, long teabreaks, maybe dinner with friendly colleagues after, all in, little work done. But here, with things operating on a daily basis, work goes on. And into the night too.

So as I write this, it's a couple more hours to go. My desk is cleared, except for a few photos yet to be taken down.

And I will be officially unemployed by the time this post goes up.



Anonymous said...

Don't the air smell fresher & the world suddenly seems more exciting already? Good Luck!

huckerby said...

no more cheap spins! :(

but besides that, all is good with the world. take care you!

Anonymous said...

*echoes* Wow.