Thursday, July 06, 2006

Nicer than nice

The fact that I'm no longer working hasn't exactly hit me in the face just yet.

Yesterday was the first day of unemployment. It just felt like a regular day off for me. It didn't feel unusual to be wandering around doing nothing on a weekday, after all, it is something that has happened for the past couple of years.

I went to the visa office in Robinson Road to pick up my passport with my Entry Clearance page all nice and done (except with Ugly Photo that I had found in my drawer and couldn't be bothered to take yet another Ugly Photo)

Then I wandered around the Raffles Place area - might be a strange choice of place to wander around, but then again, I've never worked in the area. And ended up at Tea Spa for the first time. (I usually bypass that and land on the Spins next door)

I ordered a "Summer" blend which was quite refreshing, with er.. dunno what inside lah but it was lovely, a little zesty and had a glorious cranberry hue.

I must say that the place provided a nice respite from the hectic pace outside. It was cool and a little dim, and it was a nice enclosure from all that heat and rushrushrush beyond. However, I must say that for the first half hour I was there, the staff sure chatted a damn lot. I don't mind if patrons chatter, after all, I'd do that if I were with friends, but this place is called "tea spa" is it not? It conjures up images of a quiet calming place. It is so not quiet and calming when your waitstaff talk up a storm behind the counter - the counter is after all, not soundproof. Fortunately, it quietened down a little and towards the end of my sit-down there, it was relatively peaceful.

Then it was off to catch Thank You For Smoking, which the Today reviewer gave FIVE STARS to! I must say that I was expecting a little more, judging from its trailer. Don't get me wrong though, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I shall borrow a line from this review I did read.
All fun stuff in a fun, smart film. But you can't help but wish Thank You would bare its fangs a little more. - Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News

That definitely sums up my experience of it. It ended up being a nicer film than I thought it would be. Nothing was torn apart, nothing was ripped in two. The reaction in the end is more of a "oh that's it ah?" rather than a "wow". I was really expecting a "wow". However, I must say that it was a funny movie. The woman behind me sure agreed - she seemed to laugh at almost everything, maybe she was on nitrous oxide. I am to go see Superman later today, and I expect to be disappointed so while I know it's a bit early to say this, I reckon Thank You For Smoking trumps Superman.


I got way sidetracked. The reason I wrote this in the beginning was because I didn't feel like I am unemployed, despite the fact that yesterday was my last day at work. The reason for this is that from later today onwards, I will be helping out my mom with this conference she's helping to put together, so I will be stationed at the lobby of a hotel helping out - and getting paid (but just a wee bit). So technically, for the next week I am Employed.

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